Bill x Virginia "As with any aspect of Bill and Virginia’s relationship, you can never take things for granted. -And- things can change very swiftly." —Michael Sheen 

"The study of sex is the beginning of all life. Yet we sit like prudish cavemen in the dark riddled with shame and guilt."

MASTERS OF SEX 1x01 — Pilot

Bill and Virginia + hands

1x04 // 2x06

Does this mean we’ve resumed our work?

- What is that?
- I’m just cataloguing all my footage that’s from our time at Maternity. It’s from two years ago.

I can wait here all night until you apologize.

Mrs. Holden decided that the life we created together was no longer nough. So she has left in search of greener pastures.

"But what’s interesting about ‘Asterion’ is that by cutting to the quick, it highlights just how dark and painful much of this relationship is. In one scene, Bill is telling Virginia that he broke off their coupling because he didn’t want to be just another one in a parade of men in her children’s lives. In another, he’s breaking off a relationship between her and her newest paramour by telling the new guy she’s a participant in the study. And then in another, Virginia asks him to resume their coupling, so long as she can have someone to hold onto at night, like he has Libby. (Though, of course, Bill and Libby sleep in separate beds and increasingly lead separate lives.)
'Asterion,' more than any other episode, captures the desperate co-dependence at the center of this relationship. The ways that Bill and Virginia each fill in gaps in the other when together can very easily turn into the former bitterly resenting the latter when not together. Bill expects everybody to live in his orbit, and he can't handle when anyone doesn't deign to do so. But he's better when Virginia's with him, not because she somehow cures him or anything like that. No, she's better able to hook in to whatever part of him is human, to the tiny boy behind all of the layers of self defense.”

- Todd VanDerWerff’s review on Vox